Month: September 2018

Loans up to 150,000 kr. Fixed low interest rate

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With zaemus you can borrow up to DKK 150,000 with a fixed low interest rate. No hidden fees, but full transparency. Easy, fast and safe. At zaemus you can borrow up to 150,000 DKK for a period of 1 year to 10 years. You decide on how much you want to borrow, and how long […]

Over-indebtedness file: How does it work?

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What is an over-indebtedness file? Anyone can be confronted during his life with financial difficulties due to the hazards of life. By definition, over-indebtedness is a very uncomfortable financial situation suffered by an individual and due to the subscription of multiple bank credits in the past. The borrower then finds himself with a very high debt ratio […]