Author: John Miller

Debt consolidation for payday loans -How to consolidate payday loansDebt consolidation for payday loans -How to consolidate payday loans

As a general rule, nobody likes debt. These are always perceived as something negative and everyone tries to run away from them. However, not all debts are the same. There are debts that impoverish us, but also others that allow us to earn money. In this article, we will help getting out of payday loan debt. […]

Over-indebtedness file: How does it work?Over-indebtedness file: How does it work?

What is an over-indebtedness file? Anyone can be confronted during his life with financial difficulties due to the hazards of life. By definition, over-indebtedness is a very uncomfortable financial situation suffered by an individual and due to the subscription of multiple bank credits in the past. The borrower then finds himself with a very high debt ratio […]

Can we renegotiate a buyout of credit?Can we renegotiate a buyout of credit?

The need to renegotiate a repurchase of credit All those who have pooled their loans in the past agree that this financial transaction has greatly eased their daily budget. Indeed, every year, many families see their monthly payments decrease by more than 60%, which allows them to better understand the future and to enjoy themselves more. However, […]